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8 things you need for summer!

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Hi everyone! Happy Monday!

Today is the first day of June, and everyone has those few fun items they still need!

I am here to help you out with this! I put together a list of some fun items you need for summer!

This isn't a list of clothes because that would go on for days! (One item is a shoe, but I could help my self it is my favorite!)

  1. Earrings

I got these adorable earrings from Shein for only 2.50! They are super super cute! (I also got with the pack a daisy pair but I didn't like them)

2. Sun glasses

These sunglasses are my favorite! It is hard to find sunglasses that I like because I can be very picky. But I love these! Plus they are super cheap!

3. Hair scarf

This hair scarf is my favorite one I have used so far. Its really cute and light weight, and a super cute color! Shein doesn't have it any more but I linked to some just like it.

4. Star necklace

Star necklaces are super in right now and cute!

5. Platform shoes

These are my favorite shoes ever! I wear them with so many outfits! In fact on Saturday they were featured on my #Saturdayshoes Instagram post!

6.Beach Bum sunscreen

Beach Bum is one of the only brands I trust to use on my face. Once you rub it in, the white goes away but the protection stays!

7. Hair ties

These are no ordinary hair ties! They leave NO crease in your hair and are super cute!

8. Pool floats!

I absolutely love to float on these super cute cactus floats! They are adorable!

Well that is it for the list of summer items you need!

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